Transwaste has worked with leading educational resource developer Core Education to develop an online programme of resources, using the context of the Kate Valley Landfill to explore four themes of importance to present and future generations: science and technology, globalisation, history and the future, and climate change.

Each theme has discussion and inquiry cards, and follow up activities covering achievement objectives at levels 3 and 4 in science, technology, and social science. It uses the ‘understand, know, do’ structure that will form the basis of the learning areas in the refreshed curricula.

All the resources in this programme meet the principles of the New Zealand curriculum: high expectations, Treaty of Waitangi, cultural diversity, inclusion, learning to learn, community engagement, coherence, and future focus.

The resources are accompanied by videos of students from nearby Tuahiwi and Woodend Schools interviewing people about the background, the work, the processes, and the area.

Download the programme Guide for more information on how to use these resources.


Download the discussion cards for each subject area here.

Transwaste Discussion Cards Globalisation

Transwaste Discussion Cards History & The Future

Transwaste Discussion Cards Sci & Tech

Transwaste Discussion Cards Climate Change


Download the inquiry cards for each subject area here.

Transwaste Inquiry Cards Sci & Tech

Transwaste Inquiry Cards History & Future

Transwaste Inquiry Cards Climate Change Set

Transwaste Inquiry Cards Globalisation


Watch interviews with students from Tuahiwi and Woodend Schools and people involved in the waste disposal process. You can also download transcripts of the videos here.

Transwaste school resources – Video transcripts

Students' Transwaste Documentary

Saffron's interview

Tahlia's interview

Rangi's interview

Poppy's interview

Adam's interview