Landfill accessible to students online

School groups are welcome to visit the Kate Valley Landfill. Many local primary schools have visited since the Landfill opened. Conscious of the cost and time involved transporting children to visit Kate Valley, since 2015 Transwaste has partnered with Core Education and the Ministry of Education to fund and participate in an online ‘virtual field trip’ through the LEARNZ schools programme. Each year a series of videos have been made on topics relating to waste management, including transport, landfill construction, leachate, and water quality and gas collection. The online programme enables school students around New Zealand to learn how a modern landfill operates without incurring the cost and time involved to visit the Landfill.


You are welcome to visit the LEARNZ online fields trips to the Kate Valley Landfill in 2019 (194) and to Tiromoana Bush in 2018 (183).