Welcome to the Kate Valley Landfill

Welcome to the Kate Valley Landfill, the most comprehensively engineered waste management facility in the South Island of New Zealand. The 37-hectare site was designed and operates to the highest international standards, fully compliant with New Zealand landfill guidelines and the US Environmental Protection Agency and European Union standards for municipal waste landfills.

Environmentally responsible

The design and operation of the Kate Valley Landfill addresses all the known environmental risks and concerns. In addition to being built on impermeable siltstone, the Landfill has a multi-layered liner that completely seals the base and sides of the Landfill. A leachate management system collects and stores leachate ready for treatment, and a gas management system collects methane gas produced by the Landfill and pumps it to generators that produce electricity. A surface water management system separates and collects storm water ensuring only clean water flows down to the wetlands in the adjacent Tiromoana Bush.

Read on to learn how the Landfill was constructed, how environmental issues such as leachate, gas, and water are collected and managed onsite, and how the Landfill operates from the delivery of waste to compacting and safety. You can download our Kate Valley Landfill booklet here.