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Kahikatea forest to be planted at Kate Pond in Tiromoana Bush

Kahikatea trees have been planted upstream of the Kate Pond wetland in Tiromoana Bush as the first stage towards establishing a kahikatea forest. It’s part of the ambitious restoration project being undertaken by Transwaste Canterbury Ltd (Transwaste) who owns Tiromoana Bush and the adjacent landfill in Kate Valley.
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Native species in Tiromoana Bush being protected from animal pests

Preventing animal pests from damaging fifteen years of successful bush regeneration, along with protecting native birds such as korimako and marsh crake, are priorities at Tiromoana Bush in Waipara’s Kate Valley.
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Woodend school students learn waste not wasted at landfill

Woodend School student leaders have seen how methane gas produced by waste in the Kate Valley Landfill is used to generate enough electricity to power 2,000 homes.
It’s one aspect of the visit and guided tour of the 37-hectare site that’s an annual event for Woodend School student leaders.
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Tiromoana Bush measures up in latest research

Thirteen years after the first trees were planted as part of an ambitious restoration project at Tiromoana Bush in Waipara’s Kate Valley, the lowland forest is now successfully regenerating.
That’s one of the findings from the latest research conducted by a postgraduate restoration ecology class from the University of Canterbury’s Te Kura Ngahere | School of Forestry, who have been measuring and recording tree growth at several sites around the bush.