Homes powered by the landfill


Availability of landfill access


Native trees planted annually at Tiromoana Bush

A world-class, modern engineered landfill

The Kate Valley Landfill and Gareth James Energy Park is an outstanding example of a world-class, modern engineered landfill, designed to the highest international standards and operated to ensure the environmental impacts are managed and mitigated. Gas from the landfill is being used to generate electricity, enough to power 3,000 homes in 2020, and up to potentially 8,000 households within the next fifteen years.


Native Plant Species


Native Bird Species


Native trees planted anually at Tiromoana Bush

Conserving New Zealand’s native bush

Transwaste is much more than a landfill owner. We’re environmental managers committed to wisely using the process of safely disposing of our community’s waste to create a better environment for future generations to enjoy.

That’s why we’re funding an ambitious conservation project in Kate Valley to regenerate a 407-hectare lowland native forest at Tiromoana Bush, on land adjacent to the landfill. We’ve built a series of walkways, lookouts and picnic spots through Tiromoana Bush because we want people to experience being in a regenerating native forest, complete with wetlands and birdlife.

Our local community matters to us

Transwaste worked with the Waipara Valley Promotion Association to build a walking track along Mt Cass that provides views over the Waipara Valley vineyards, the limestone formations of the Mt Cass range and even the Pacific Ocean. Every year our charitable trust distributes money to local schools, sports and social groups. Over $1.1 million has been donated since the Kate Valley Landfill Community Trust was set up in 2005.

Educating future generations about waste

Transwaste has been welcoming students to learn how the region’s waste is managed since the Kate Valley Landfill and Gareth James Energy Park opened. In addition to arranging on-site tours, Transwaste has online resources, including videos, about the management of waste and operation of the Kate Valley Landfill and Gareth James Energy Parkfree and available to students and their teachers on this website.

The highest quality waste management

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality waste management service for the Canterbury region. Transwaste is an innovative public-private partnership, bringing together the Christchurch City Council and District Councils of Ashburton, Hurunui, Selwyn and Waimakariri, and Waste Management NZ Ltd, the largest private waste company in New Zealand. We’re trusted managing our community’s waste.