Containerised transport is truly innovative

General waste from transfer stations around Canterbury is transported to the Kate Valley Landfill in sealed containerised trucks. This has many benefits for the community, safety and the operation of the Landfill. Sealed containers prevent waste escaping in transit and littering the roadside. Containers are only collected from waste transfer stations when they are full, reducing unnecessary journeys and ensuring efficient use of trucks and containers. Arriving at the Landfill authorised waste haulage vehicles pass over a weighbridge to weigh in and receive acceptance of their load. Vehicle movements are recorded to monitor compliance with resource consent requirements and allocate waste to a location within the Landfill.

Transporting waste to the landfill

Separating functions improves operations

From the weighbridge vehicles proceed to a container park located alongside the Landfill. Here trucks unload their sealed full containers and collect empty containers, without having to enter the Landfill or leave the sealed road surface. This keeps vehicles clean and ensures a fast and efficient turn around. Specialised off-road tipper trucks collect the full containers and unload them in the Landfill. The waste is immediately spread out, inspected and compacted using a 55-tonne compacter to ensure that minimal space is used. Local soils are spread daily over compacted waste to prevent odours, rainwater infiltration, windblown litter and scavenging from birds and rodents. The combination of compacting and daily soil cover prevents rodents living in the Landfill and discourages birds. Regular monitoring reveals few pest problems at the Landfill, and no seagulls despite the close proximity to the coast.

An efficient system

Separating waste transport from the Landfill operations has many benefits. It ensures transport trucks stay clean, and spend very little time at the Landfill, as there’s no waiting to unload waste. With a smaller number of dedicated vehicles and drivers unloading the waste containers it’s much safer and more efficient than the alternative of every vehicle unloading waste in the Landfill. The system avoids disruptions at transfer stations when the Landfill is closed due to high winds or very wet conditions, because transport trucks can still collect and deliver full containers to the container park. Transport of waste can occur seven days a week, over much longer hours than the Landfill operates increasing the efficiency of waste transportation in Canterbury without any adverse effect on the operation of the Landfill.