A partnership of equals

Transwaste is an innovative public-private partnership. The partners each hold 50% of the 20 million shares, making it a truly equal partnership. The shareholders together own Transwaste Canterbury Ltd, which in turn owns the land used for the landfill, along with plantation forest, Tiromoana Bush and land leased for farming. Transwaste has contracted Waste Management NZ Ltd to operate the Kate Valley Landfill and transport waste from the partner Council transfer stations.


Transwaste’s activities are based on four primary agreements:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the founding parties;
  • Shareholders’ Agreement developed as a consequence of the MOU;
  • Landfill Management and Operation Agreement between Transwaste and Waste Management; and
  • Annual Statement of Intent.


As a council-controlled trading organisation, the Statement of Intent is negotiated annually with shareholders. The Transwaste Board’s responsibilities include managing the Kate Valley Landfill and the obligations arising from the agreements, managing risk, including health and safety, monitoring performance, and managing its financial affairs, including setting charges annually. An Audit Committee, comprising three Board members, reviews and makes recommendations to the full Board on accounting, audit and related management issues.


There are eight directors on the Transwaste Board. Four are representatives of the Council partners and are appointed by the Council’s Canterbury Regional Landfill Joint Committee. Waste Management appoints the other four directors. This is the list of directors as of 23 June 2023.

• W. Gill Cox (Chairman and independent director appointed by Councils)
• James Gough (Christchurch City Councillor, appointed by Councils)
• Gareth James (former General Manager South Island, Waste Management NZ Ltd)
• lan Kennedy (Executive Technical Advisor, Waste Management NZ Ltd)
• Evan Maehl (Managing Director, Waste Management NZ Ltd)
• Grant Miller (Selwyn District Councillor, appointed by Councils)
• Tom Nickels (former Managing Director Waste Management NZ Ltd)
• Ross Pickworth (independent director appointed by Councils)