Tiromoana Bush

Welcome to the Tiromoana Bush Restoration Project
North Canterbury, New Zealand

Successful restoration is dependent on having clearly defined goals. Such goals are important as they enable the success of the restoration to be quantified and enable the restoration manager to critically evaluate the methods that are being used in restoration. It is useful to set goals within a broader vision of what the site might be like at some stage in the future. However, it is not possible to use such a vision to assess the success of restoration because of the long time-frames involved and because of the uncertainties over future conditions (e.g., as a result of climate change).
For the Tiromoana Bush Restoration Plan, an overall vision of what the site might be like in 300-years time has been developed to guide the project, with specific 35-year and 5-year goals or outcomes identified to assess restoration success against. The 5-year outcomes are the most specific, while the 35-year outcomes are more indicative and are likely to be modified depending on the development of the restoration.