Project Management

Project Management

The Tiromoana Bush restoration project is run by Transwaste Canterbury Limited. Transwaste was a public-private joint venture, originally between five Canterbury Councils and the two largest private waste companies in New Zealand. The company has resource consents for the operation of the modern regional landfill for Canterbury in upper Kate Valley. The Councils involved are Christchurch City, Hurunui, Waimakariri, Selwyn and Ashburton Districts. The private company partner is Waste Management NZ Ltd, working through its operating venture, Canterbury Waste Services (CWS). CWS operates the Kate Valley landfill.

Restoration work at Tiromoana Bush is guided by the Tiromoana Bush Restoration Plan which provides the overview of the restoration work required to meet the vision and goals for the project. Annual work plans provide the detail on the actual restoration management work that will be undertaken each year.

The Tiromoana Bush Advisory Committee has been established to work with Transwaste Canterbury Ltd. in reviewing the progress achieved in the restoration project. This group includes representatives from Hurunui District Council, Department of Conservation, QEII National Trust, Transwaste Canterbury Ltd., local community, and experts in restoration ecology. The Advisory Group meets twice each year and is involved in reviewing the work undertaken over the preceding year and approving the work plan for the next year. The Advisory Group will also play a key role in reviewing the Tiromoana Bush Restoration Plan at five-year intervals.

The management of Tiromoana Bush is dependent on the invaluable support of a wide range of people and organisations. Particular acknowledgement should be made to the following:


  • The Tiromoana Bush Advisory Group (Murray Davis, Anita Spencer, Greg Bennett, Miles Giller, Andrew Mackintosh, David Norton, Gareth James)
  • Canterbury Waste Services staff (especially Martin Pinkham)
  • Tiromoana Station farm staff
  • Transwaste Canterbury Ltd Board (especially Denis O’Rourke)
  • The Untouched World Foundation (especially Barry Law and the teachers and students involved in their ‘Consumption and Resource Management’ programme)
  • Angus McIntosh (School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury) for animal photographs
  • The many volunteers and assistants who have assisted with aspects of this restoration programme.