Canterbury Waste Services

Canterbury Waste Services

Canterbury Waste Services (CWS) has developed and operates the award winning Kate Valley Landfill and its associated waste transport system.  Working in partnership with local authorities and its parent company Waste Management NZ Ltd, CWS provides the expertise and resources necessary to ensure the safe disposal of the residual solid waste produced by 450,000 Canterbury people.

It took ten years of planning reach an integrated solution to waste disposal in Canterbury.  CWS worked together with five Canterbury Councils, to address a pressing and critical infrastructure issue which was too big and difficult for any Council, or the private sector, to tackle individually.

This partnership has resulted in major regional environmental enhancement through the consequent closure of more than 50 badly located and poorly engineered old style dumps.  They have been replaced by a world class, fully engineered landfill that will serve all of Canterbury’s people for the next 35 years.

Partnering Approach

CWS has adopted a partnering approach to getting the job done for Canterbury.  The partnership between CWS and five Canterbury councils, incorporated as Transwaste Canterbury, is a ground-breaking approach to public/private partnerships in New Zealand.

CWS is owned by the largest waste company in New Zealand, Waste Management NZ Ltd.

Using its partnering philosophy, CWS managed the investigation, consent and design processes needed to develop the Kate Valley Landfill, utilising the best of New Zealand engineering and professional services expertise from 24 different consultancies.

CWS also utilised an innovative alliancing procurement system with two major contracting companies to construct Kate Valley Landfill, which delivered the project on time, on budget and to rigid quality specifications.  This alliancing approach has continued for ongoing landfill cell development, and has been the subject of much interest in contracting circles.